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WELCOME to Vrtací technika Svoboda

We are consultants and distributors of rock drilling tools specialized in Down The Hole drilling - rotary+percussion.

Our main goal is to offer EQUIPMENT that meets our customers´ requirements and bring them ECONOMICAL PROFIT in the end. That is why we offer various brands -  there is no company in the world that is able to make each of their model perfect. That is why we continuously test new models and recommend the best ones.

Apart from the conventional air powered hammers we offer a unique patented technology from Sweden called Wassara. This complete system for effective drilling in soil and rock uses pressurized water to power its hammer. Furthermore, our company offers EGT drill rigs and a wide range of accessories for both hammer technologies such as drill bits and rods, threaded couplers, overburden casing systems, shock absorbers, lubricators, foam/water pumps and more.

Who are our customers:

- established well, geothermal and foundation drilling companies

- beginers from the above mentioned fields

- engineering companies

We offer drilling tools to a large scope of customers in respect to their focus and/or financial capacity - tools by premium brands (Rock Hog, Sandvik AB, Wassara AB, SonicSampDrill, Driconeq AB, Bulroc, Hyduke-Stratex, etc.) as well as less prestigious products, attractive for their balanced price to quality ratio.
With one and only exception called Sandvik we are direct distributors of those companies whose logos can be found on our website. With Sandvik distributor Rocktech s.r.o. we cooperate on dealership basis.

Professionality gained by a long-term experience in the actual drilling field aids us substantially in achieving our objectives.

30 Jun

Nabízíme k prodeji repasovanou dvojitou trhací svěru s průchodem 45-220 mm

14 May

Do sekce Příslušenství k vrtacím soupravám bylo vloženo vrtání/pažení pomocí tzv. BAJONETU-usnadňuje pažení soupravám BEZ DVOJITÝCH HLAV. Možnost shlédnutí videa.

25 May

Bezkonkurenční nabídka! Nově nabízíme silnostěnou závitovou PVC-U studniční výstroj se všemi atesty a certifikáty pro styk s pitnou vodou za ceny blížící se nezávitové výstroji! Vyzkoušejte si práci s kvalitní závitovou výstrojí a již nikdy nebudete chtít znovu pracně nýtovat každý spoj! Více informací v sekci: Závitová studniční výstroj.

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